6 Fast Ways to Jumpstart Your Credit Score

Maintaining your credit score is a big financial problem for people. You need credit to build credit. But even if you have worked all your life and have faced those periods of credit-wreaking havoc in your financial life- you could be there again confronting the same problem. The best way to start your credit score is using your credit to make a better history.

How to Start Your Credit

How to Start Your Credit

What Is Your Score?

Learn about your credit history. Even if you never applied for a credit card or had quick loans with bad credit, chances are you have false or incorrect information on your credit report from the three core financial departments: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

As issued by the federal law, these credit agencies are required to provide you a free report on the credit you have built in 12 months if you ask for it. Benefit from these annual reports and build credit from it. In some cases, however, the credit score is not included in the annual report and to access these reports, you may have to pay a small fee.

If you have a higher score, you have a low-risk factor against insurers and lenders. It means that financial institutions will trust you better with a credit card and other loans.



For people who have no credit history probably feel like they have limited options for credit cards and loans. However, your best way to start credit here is to ask your family members or friends to cosign with you on a low-limit loan or credit card. You can also benefit from special programs offered by financial institutions.


Establish a Record

Once you have established some credit accounts, use them but avoid abusing them. If you don’t use your credit, you will not be able to build a history of credit that is strong enough for future communications. It’s a good habit to use your credit score and make small purchases. By timely paying off any of your quick cash title loans you can make a real history of trust which is ideal to build a strong credit history.


Use It Wisely

Do not try to be a credit superstar. Follow the basic rules: do not overrun your credit and pay your bills back on time. If you are new, it’s even more important to follow these rules. Start carefully. If you don’t have a long history of records, then it’s even more important to start correctly and avoid mistakes. Take this responsibility and make timely payments. Avoid applying for many accounts at once and keep a record of your report.


Avoid These Mistakes

The below-mentioned blunders are going to ruin your credit history for you. Be sure to stay away from them.

Too many applications: Never do that. Applying for many credit lines and loans in a short period will make the agencies feel like you have a desperate need for money and would have trouble paying it back. Restrict yourself from applying for several applications. Sign up only for a small loan that is ideal for you.

Failing to manage your account: There is a part of your score based on the credit you have in your accounts that are sitting idle. The lower the balance you have in those accounts, the better.

Closing account: One of the things any financial advisor would tell you is never to close an account that you are currently not using. The age of an account always benefits you in the score. Keep your oldest account alive so that it would favor you in the future.


Keep Track of Reports

Once you have successfully established a good credit score, keep an eye on your reports on a regular basis. This will prevent you from fraudulent activity and any possible reporting mistakes. These reports are always helpful when you are applying for a new loan or credit card and form a better relationship between you and the banks.


If you have been asking around about how to start your credit, follow these tips. This year the management of finances will become even more challenging than before. The institutions will become stricter than ever. In such cases, it’s best to ensure that you keep up with your finances and provide the institute with the best track history.