Best home sewing machine you can get your hands on this year!

Sewing machines have always played a very pivotal role in the lives of women, especially a little rural and countryside women. They have always paid special attention to grooming their daughter’s skills for sewing clothes before they go to their husbands’ house. In fact in the countryside’s and rural areas particularly in the Asian countries, sewing machines are a must in every household! This also means that women in these areas have favorites for which are the best home sewing machine that will work brilliantly at home!

Singer – Sewing machine brand

The singer is a sewing machine brand that has been very popular for many years now. It has designed and produced some of the best sewing machines in thehistory of sewing and stitching tools! Singer as a brand is specifically known for offering the best range of sewing machines for home use. Therefore the best home sewing machine is from the Singer brand. Here we are talking about the Singer stylist sewing machine, model number 7258 and capacity 100 stitch in one go. This article is dedicated to highlighting all predominant features of this amazing machine that is great to be used at home.

About the new Singer 758 stylist sewing machine

The first thing that you notice about this brand new sewing machine is its amazing design. If machines were sold purely on basis of design then this machine would have been a clear winner. However, there are many other features that are brought into consideration before you can dub it a being the best there is. The new Singer machine luckily has all the positive traits that make it a winner. Here is a quick roundup of all of its prominent and distinctive features.


  • Stitching designs

The one thing that you mostly have to compromise on when stitching at home is the variety of designs that you can work with. You usually have to settle for one or two basic patterns of stitches. However, with the new Singer, you don’t have to compromise any longer as you will get the best designs and crafting options with it. You can now enjoy all type of patterns of sewing at home without any problem at all!

  • Speed control

Another new feature that Singer introduces with its new machine is the speed control option. With the speed control option, you can actually select the speed you want to work with. This is a great option especially for the beginners at home who have to really worry about getting hands on with the entire process of sewing.

  • Price

Though it is a little pricey yet the machine has been getting a lot of pre-bookings. This is because it is a very great addition to your domestic household and is a long-term investment as well as with its amazing quality you don’t have to worry about a replacement for your sewing machine at least for the next 10 to 15 years!