Noctua NH-L9i Low-Profile CPU Cooler

When I first opened the shipping box and pulled out the NH-L9i box I thought I had mistakenly been shipped only the hardware needed to install the NH-L9i. The box was thin, but when I had it open I learned that indeed it was the cooler (a mere 1.5" in height from cooler base to the top of the fan).

The NH-L9i ships in a traditionally designed Noctua box. The box has a similar look, feel and layout to most other Noctua products I've reviewed over the last year, except it's a lot smaller. On the front you'll find the product name and description, socket compatibility, and a list of six of it's key features. One thing to pay special attention to on the front of the box is the socket type. The NH-L9i isn't a one-size-fits-all cooler like Noctua's other coolers. Due to the demands of keeping this cooler as small in size as possible while accommidating the different layouts and keep-out zones of Intel vs. AMD board designs, Noctua has had to release separate models for Intel vs. AMD platforms. Make sure to buy the right one for your system!

The sides of the box go into more detail on the cooler specifications and also give some more detailed feature descriptions too.

(click above to see enlarged)

Around back there's a simple paragraph explaining more about the NH-L9i, it's intended purpose, and some of the technology behind it. The paragraph explaining this isn't too long, but the fact it's written in eight different languages is how it fills the entire back of the box. Also found on the back, in the lower right corner, is a dimensions diagram for the cooler.