Silverstone Strider Essential Series (ST70F-ES)

In early 2010 Silverstone debuted their Strider Essential Series of power supplies. This was a line-up of lower wattage, lower cost power supplies aimed to catch the eye of the PC builder on a budget. These power supplies aimed to offer the same quality found on any high end Silverstone product, but with the extra features stripped out in favor of keeping only the essentials. The Strider Essential Series still had high quality internal components, much the same as higher end units from Silverstone, but went without things like cable sleeving, or efficiency ratings greater than 80PLUS.

This series of power supplies came shortly after Silverstone debuted the Kublai series of cases - a lower priced line of cases aimed at putting Silverstone cases in the hands of those who couldn't afford their usual product line of cases; those with features like quality brushed aluminum bezels and thick steel frames.

Until recently, the Strider Essential Series came in sizes up to 600 watts. This made it a great upgrade for your typical home system and mid end gaming system, but put it out of reach of higher end systems running multiple high end graphics cards, RAID arrays, etc. Looking to put the Strider Essential Series into the hands of those building high end systems, a 700W model is now available, and here on my test bench today.