Samsung C27A750X Wireless Monitor

If you work a corporate job, you're probably familiar with the daily exercise of lugging your laptop to the office, between meetings, out for lunch, and then home again at the end of the day. At each step you may be inserting it into a dock, plugging into displays, or changing around other accessories from your arsenal. At the end of the day, wouldn't it be nice if you could sit your laptop on your desk, turn it on, and it would already be docked wirelessly to your display, USB devices, and networking access?

Samsung, who's looking to make your life easier, has just the solution with their latest LED display. This isn't just your regular computer monitor though - it's actually wireless. One small wireless USB dongle, no bigger than a quarter, can wirelessly transmit video from your PC or laptop to the monitor. But it doesn't end there - this dongle also wirelessly transmits USB, audio and networking as well. Now you can literally set your laptop on your desk and be up and running in seconds - no wires to mess with. Or, if you're a home user, you can clean up a lot of wires around your desk and centralize everything around this monitor for a cleaner workspace.

Samsung is packing a lot of firsts into the C27A750X and I'm excited to see just how well it will perform.