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Samsung YP-T9 MP3 Player
Review by: Steve
Edited by: Sam
Provided by: Samsung Canada

The delivery of Samsung's latest MP3 player, the YP-T9, was something I eagerly awaited. After seeing the pictures and reading the features and some initial buzz around the WWW, this was one player I just had to test out for myself. The 35 hour rated battery life for audio playback was only one of the many very appealing things to me. Face it, with most MP3 player batteries being non-replaceable now, karma has it that they'll always die just after you leave home for that week-long getaway, the YP-T9 should keep you going well after you leave! Let us see just how good it really is now!


In The Box:
(1) YP-T9 Player
(1) Set of earbuds
(1) Set of earbud pads
(1) USB Cable
(1) Manual
(1) Installation CD


The box of the YP-T9 doesn't do it justice, it's mostly all images of the player on a simple black background. The only place I actually saw the memory capacity was the white sticker on the top edge. Personally, I think some more key information should be listed on the packing. Since this player has many more features than most competitors in it's range they should be easy to see on the package for people browsing the store shelves.  

Of course once you open the tri-fold box on the inside of the outer covering you're presented with the true beauty, the YP-T9 itself. The front of the player is a relatively simplistic design to it, over 50% of that being used up by the very large screen. The lower half has an up, down, left and right button ring with a silver key in the middle which is your select button.

The YP-T9 is a very thin player, don't get me wrong. This becomes very noticeable when you flip it to look at the buttons on the sides. The right side has the play/pause button as well as menu, back and the repeat/record button. All very easy to navigate with your thumb while holding and using it.

(Click to enlarge above images)

The left side just has the hold switch to lock out the use of the buttons. Those with MP3 players know this is helpful to prevent bumping buttons while it's tucked away in a pocket during use.

The USB connection on the bottom of the YP-T9 unfortunately isn't a generic end. You'll only be able to use Samsung's provided cable to interface between the player and your computer. I'm not a huge fan of that, personally I like when a generic style small USB connection is used on the player then when I'm out places and want to toss something from a friend's computer onto my MP3 player I can usually use a cable they have. When a speciality end is used, you'll have to carry your cable with your if you're the type who likes to do this.

The top edge has a standard headphone connector, a small inset loop in the body for a neck strap to go through and the slit where the mic is behind for recording.



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