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NZXT Hush Case
Review by: Steve
Edited by: Ji4m
Provided by: NZXT
Price: $100 Canadian

One of the latest crazes to sweep the computer scene is the building of quieter computers. As computers get faster, hardware gets hotter. As hardware gets hotter, the increase in cooling solutions that is required tends to make your computer sound louder and louder. All of this creates disturbing noise in your work environment. The only way to tackle this is to build not only quieter and more efficient cooling solutions, but also to take into account the acoustics of the enclosure that everything is being put into.

If you imagine standing in a steel room and clapping your hands, things would echo pretty badly right? The inside of your computer case is essentially a small steel room, full of the whine from many fans, large and small, moving large amounts of air through the case. You can upgrade to extra quiet fans but you still have to tackle the noise of the fan motor and prevent it from reflecting around the case and still sounding loud. NZXT has tackled this problem with their latest case, the Hush. The interior of this case has all it's large surfaces covered in a thin and dense acoustic foam to help absorb that extra noise from reflections inside your computer case.

In The Box:
(1) NZXT Hush Case
(1) Installation Manual
(1) Bag of case hardware and screws




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