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Spire VertiCool IV CPU Cooler
Review by: Steve
Edited by: Ji4m
Provided by: Spire
Price: $58.50 Canadian

The VertiCool IV is one of the latest two CPU coolers to be released by Spire. It's large size accompanied by heatpipes, lots of copper fins, and a 90mm fan make it a real looker in any computer case. As the name "VertiCool" suggests, the cooler has definitive height to it with the vertical heatpipes and the fins stacked on them also. Like most high-end heatsinks, the VertiCool IV is also entirely copper which is an excellent heat conductor as seen on many high-end heatsinks. Time to see if it packs more than just good looks behind it's name!

In The Box:
(1) VertiCool IV
(1) Slot fan speed controller
(1) Tube of thermal compound
(2) Bags of installation screws
(3) Bags of CPU mounts (different sockets)
(2) Motherboard backplate mounts
(1) Installation guide




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