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Tapco S5 Active Studio Monitors
Review by: Steve
Edited by: Ji4m
Provided by: Tapco
Price: $300 Canadian

Studio monitoring is something you generally don't want to cheap out on. The quality of your end product, be it audio or video production, will highly depend upon the quality of the monitors it is being produced on. For those buying their first pair of monitors, spending over a grand per monitor isn't always the best decision immediately. For people in that category, you'll be looking to get the absolute best performance you can for a decent amount of money, say a few hundred dollars for a pair. The Tapco S5 active studio monitors start at about $300 a pair and for the money, they are certainly receiving a lot of hype! Today we're going to see just how this pair of monitors performs for the money.

In The Box:
(2) S5 Monitors
(2) Spare Fuses
(2) American Power Cords
(2) European Power Cords
(2) Manuals
**Each monitor comes individually packaged inside the main box, hence the duplicates of many things




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