Top 5 of original company gifts that will delight your employees

Companies that choose to give gifts to their employees as a sign of gratitude seek, first and foremost, two qualities: to be practical for the person who receives them and also to be original. It is demonstrated that the original advertising gifts tend to stay longer in the homes and are better accepted than the traditional ones, the reason why the companies put all their effort in choosing those promotional articles that best adapt to the taste of its employees.

When the employee receives an original gift, he feels appreciated and loved in the company, which has a direct impact on his self-esteem. This will inevitably result in improved performance and loyalty to the company, as well as make you feel part of a group. If the worker is happy, everyone wins, hence the choice of business gift is so important.

Some promotional items highly appreciated by workers

Power bank personalized with your logo: power bank extra plans are part of the original gifts most appreciated by employees. If you opt for this promotional item better, it includes 2000 mAh capacity, LED indicator and micro USB cable. If you add an original design, success is guaranteed!

Advertising cups can also be original: this advertising gift has better reception if we personalize it with a funny or flashy image. For example, sublimation cups also have the inside of the cup in color matching the handle, making them an original gift as well as a practical gift.

Bluetooth speakers as a unique gift: the Alaric Bluetooth speakers with brilliantly led light are rechargeable with USB and have a 3W power. This is a promotional item increasingly requested and valued.

Stands for mobile phones with original shapes:  minimalist and slightly futuristic, phone stands are something that is consistently used, which makes them an advertising gift with great projection. Also, some of them carry other options such as a speaker, pen, or power bank to charge the battery of the mobile phone while you have it on hand.

Computer carrier and document holder as an original business gift: a laptop backpack that is suitable for passing security controls without having to remove the laptop is not only useful but also very practical for traveling. The Case Logic brand model we have at also has an exclusive design compatible with most 16 “laptops. It is one of the company’s favorite corporate and business gifts that attend multiple interviews or events and need to carry their laptop and documents with them.

One of the novelties of this year has been the promotional document folder with power bank included to be able to load your devices while attending, for example, a conference. Practical, right?

With all these tips we hope that you have already been able to decide what gifts to make to your employees this year. If you know other ideas or gifts that can be equally successful, let us know.


Laura Wang has over four years of experience in fashion and lifestyle. She provides thought leadership & pursues strategies for engagements with the senior executives on Innovation in fashion and lifestyle, her recent blog is Birthday gifts for men, in which she is working as an author to write and edit the articles.