Types of Scooters: What Technologies Are Out Right Now


Improved infrastructure over decades has proven great for motorists everywhere. In spite of all this, the question still begs: what of the pedestrian? In a world where you have to stand in line for hours to catch a cab or a bus, the supposed improvements in transportation didn’t quite figure in the fate of pedestrians.

Sure, walking has been feted as being a much healthier way of getting around but then comes in the time factor. How do you jump traffic and still get to your interview on time and less sweaty? The answer to this lies in the two wheelers. Now, there are multiple well-known bikes out there but perhaps the more convenient for the urban consumer is the motor scooter. Scooters come in a variety of makes and today we’ll be looking at some of them.

Electric Scooters

This scooter was bound to headline this list. Not necessarily because it’s the most widely used or best there is, but simply because it is a testament to how the simple stand-up has made splashes in trying to remain relevant to scooter fans and still be politically correct in preserving the environment. One setback with this is that it’s not that great for travelling long distances, and it’s also quite big in dimensions when compared to the propane scooter.

Propane Scooters

The propane scooter is the new addition to the world of two-wheeled vehicles. This beauty was designed to provide the same performance as your typical gas scooter while boasting the minimal environmental impact that the electric scooter provides. Driving one of these makes commute so much easier and with a top speed of 20mph and a range of 40 miles per propane canister, it is also budget friendly.

Motor Scooters

These are probably the oldest versions of scooters around. Of course, newer spin-offs have been made but the basic premise has been retained, and that is it runs on fuel. Apart from the standard kick push preferred by teens and college students, the bulk of scooter motorists has certainly earned their spot in traffic. These come in two types which we have listed below:

  1. Two-strokes – these scooters are grouped together with conventional motorcycles. The obvious downside is that they pollute just as much.


  1. Four-strokes give off less greenhouse gases than their predecessors the two-stroke engines. Greater innovations have been made on this and so far we have a motor scooter that runs on propane gas.


Utility Scooters

Utility scooters are great for getting around what would otherwise be a constrained space. They’re kinda like miniature golf carts. They’re great for riders that can’t walk for lengthy distances or just need to do so in the shortest possible time.

Kick Push Scooters

This is a name you’ll come across often in the scooting world. The term was coined by suburban teens for the popular two wheeler where the rider skates while standing and uses one leg for taking off and braking. While the simple kick push has enjoyed some mainstream success especially as children’s toy it is very useful for sidewalk riding and on lanes with little or no traffic, for obvious safety reasons.

Foldable handlebar versions are available for the older crowd that don’t mind running alongside vans In the open highway. This feature will enable you to take your scooters indoors with you so you pretty much don’t have to look for parking space with this scooter.

Speaking of fuel, it can be either electric, or propane powered.

A Last Look

Wherever you live or work, a scooter without bias is a valuable asset to keep with you. The simplicity of the bikes has been a selling point for decades. This and the demand for cheaper ways of travelling and meeting fluctuating fuel demands with minimal hassle has certainly made a niche in the market. If it is the question of climate change then the scooter hasn’t fallen too far behind in making contributions to this global challenge.

Innovations like the already discussed propane scooter are bound to be the future for many commuters. Bottom line, scooters are great for pedestrians because you can switch to your soles should you wish to enjoy the benefits of a walk in the recreation park. Just fold the handle and carry it with you!