What Type of Tweets Donald Trump Will Do After Becoming President

As being the newly elected president of United States of America, Donald Trump still surprises the public and officials by keeping up his medium of communication with public in the form of tweets. His tweets have become a great source of attention and concern because of the posts he has been posting. Mostly if we consider he is an expressive president and do not hesitate in the expression of ideas, after all, he has the freedom of speech.

Some people also believe that he will buy twitter followers to increase the message of his profile. However, this thing is not confirmed and sources are not verified. Therefore, no final verdict can be given about it.

In an interview he has stated that he will cut down the usage of tweets, but because of the unjust and unkind impression of media that he considered himself to be a victim of, he said that he will continue to send messages to the public by using this amazing media of communication.

Usage of personal account

Donald Trump has decided to use his same personal account for the posting even after becoming the president. He has stated that the 46 million followers are enough for him and they are pretty large in number, he will continue to use the same account and will build more followers. He will continue to do the tweets on his personal account but he said that he will try to do it less. But, because of the dishonesty of the press he wants to put it himself on the twitter. The change that the twitter account is facing in the form of an enormous increase in followers is great and he will continue to express his ideas, just after the inauguration ceremony the team of the president will take charge of his account.

Emboldened strategy

It is pretty clear that after becoming the president and winning the elections over Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has adapted more bold and open strategy in the form of expression on tweeter. He has sidestepped from the traditional press media and now using this platform to get more attention from the public.

Stock market

The tweeting strategy Donald Trump is using after becoming the president includes the expression of his thoughts on the stock market trends that are taking place. He has promised to create several job opportunities for the US nationals. The deals with the Japanese and Lincoln are looking forward to great change and development.

Political enemies

The tweets after winning the election have been greatly about the political enemies as well as the people who stayed against him in the elections. There are also multiple tweets about New York Times that have been posted. The trend shows that the newly elected president will continue to do these tweets boldly. In addition to the official phone, he can use a personal device to continue these tweets.

It is still the question in many minds that after the inauguration will there be anything that would make his tweeting habits change? The cyber security for the president will make his phone into a more secure device when he will stay at the white house. Let’s see if there will be any effect of these factors on his tweets.