Your guide to choosing the right dress from Nataliya Couture


People are always worried about how they look. They try to wear the best in order to make themselves appear more clicking and more appealing. And if it is about dressing for a particular occasion or event, the stuff gets some extra hype. Therefore, people turn towards the best brands and shops in their surroundings and the ones that are available to them online in order to get the perfect dress for themselves. One such online site is Nataliya Couture that provides the best designer dresses. Here in this article, we will tell you how you can choose the right dress for yourself according to your body type.

The pear shape

The pear shaped women are the ones with full hips and thighs. Therefore, the dress they are about to wear must not be shorter than one or two inches above their knee. The most appropriate selection can be a dress with the A-line skirt. Some ladies, in attempt to get nothing too short, get the dresses that are too long. These dresses appear on the like the tu-tu. Thus, do not get something too full too. Choosing the dress with dark colors at bottom and brighter colors at top can balance your shape.

The apple shape

The Apple shaped females come with a thick middle. Therefore, they are recommended to wear something that helps in elongating the length of their torso. In this way, you will be able to draw the eyes of people away from your waist. Selecting a dress that comes with empire or drop waist will help you a lot in redefining the waist line. Do not use clothes that come with thick belts. You can use the chain or shash belts as alternative as they will make your hips appear lower.

The shift dress

The shift dress is a kind of dress that looks alright on almost all body types. The dress starts from your shoulders and hangs straight all the way to bottom of your body. The best part about this dress is that it skims on to your body rather than clinging it. Moreover, it comes in varying materials. Thus, for summers, you can opt for the ones that are made with cool cotton, linen and similar other lighter knits. For the cooler seasons, you can shift to the wool and other heavier material. The traditional shift dress comes with a straight skirt. However, as the trend is changing, some designers have introduced the shifts with a tough of A-line cut.

Final words

So, these are certain types of bodies and how to choose the dress accordingly. Note one thing that there are other body types as well. Therefore, confirm that in which category you are falling before you get the right dress for yourself. Check out the Nataliya Couture as they have dresses for almost everyone. They hold collection of great designer dresses that are appropriate for almost all the occasions including parties and other events.